Poster plotter printed on textured artist’s paper

One Warm Day
is a poster for a theoretical concert featuring music artists Fleet Foxes, Fleetwood Mac, Amigo the Devil, and Orville Peck. These artists are united by their folk and country influences, so I chose a unique typeface called Hershey Noailles (designed by Dr. Allen Vincent Hershey) that blends a classic serif with a strange angled quality, and offers a series of beautiful plant-based glyphs that provide naturalistic imagery without the user ever having to leave the text box.

Process work based on the framing structures in old western dime novels. 

The accompanying animation was made by projecting a slow-moving composition onto moving water, and recording the resulting reflection. This allowed for really organic movement, creating a soft place for viewers to land and reinforcing the idea of one warm day (from Fleet Foxes' song Featherweight.)


Selected gifs from the animated version of the poster.