My Vampire Boyfriend is a series of four small scale books that reinterpret Ananya Mukherjea's essay My Vampire Boyfriend: Postfeminism, "Perfect" Masculinity, and the Contemporary Appeal of Paranormal Romance. The book is designed after gothic manuscripts to visually play into the Vampire genre, with dense, justified columns of text and decorative illuminations alongside the text. The blue-green color of the paper references the famous blue tint of the first Twilight movie (directed by Catherine Hardwicke, 2008).

The body of the essay is set in Roslindale by David Jonathan Ross, and the title, headers, and folios are set in Trickster by Jean-Baptiste Morizot. The illuminations are made from characters from Trickster as well.

Spreads from the book, lazer printed on artist’s paper.  

The article was also reinterpreted in a website, designed after the book with new links to related content and images that pop up on hover. The site was available on desktop and mobile.

Mockups of the site in use, on desktop and mobile.